Creating Pottery Filled with Life. with Your Own Two-Hands

Creation Process 1
Creation Process 2

First, I always sketch out a design. Whenever an idea pops into my head, I can’t sleep before I sketch it out on paper! It always excites me coming up with new designs. In the mornings, I will jump onto the pottery wheel and make my sketches come to life by building a base shape. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it flops, the challenges tomorrow are never the same as they are today.

Creation Process 3
Creation Process 4

After it reaches the leather soft phase, I can trim the body shape to a better, more refined shape. I use stoneware, a dark brown with iron spots is my favorite to create an organic looking Kamotarō. After trimming, I can finally sculpt the face and other features onto the pottery, and it starts to come to life. My emotions sometimes articulate into the pieces I make, where a Kamotarō may look angry or really happy depending on my mood! I always feel like I put a part of me into every single piece I make, and I feel more connected to it when I can sense their individual personalities start to take shape.

Creation Process 5
Creation Process 6

After around 1-2 weeks, the clay will start to become bone dry. That’s when it will be ready for bisque firing which takes about 8 hours, and 2 nights for the kiln to cool. Afterwards, I will sand, clean, and glaze each piece, taking the time it needs to be even around 2-3 coats. I will fire it again for 10 hours, and let it cool for 2 nights. Every kiln opening is like opening a present, you never know what it might look like and it’s exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time!

Creation Process 7
Creation Process 8

The photoshoots are always such a fun part. I get to create a scene and make each character come to life even more. Then I prepare each baby to be sent out to you, and always hope they find a good home where each quirk and imperfection of theirs is loved.

FAQs about Custom, wholesale, restocking I can’t handle the pressure of creating custom orders, so I am currently not taking any customs. So sorry!

I update my shop once every 2 weeks, and the design always changes! I also like to make each shop update different so there will always be an element of surprise. I always release product previews 3 days leading up to each shop update so make sure you check my Instagram profile for more shop update info! Shop update date and time will be announced there whenever I have new products ready.

I can do wholesale orders, but it depends on my schedule. You can send me a message on my email ink.oasisnowflake@gmail.com if you would like to create wholesale orders. (no dms on instagram)