01. About INKO

“I have always been passionate about the arts. If I’m not drawing, then I’m singing. If I’m not singing, I’m painting. If I’m not painting, then I’m sculpting!

Art has always been my gateway to expressing who I am and how I feel. Thank you for letting me share a part of myself with you through the characters I create.

My name is Nadya Hertanto, and I created ink.oasisnowflake. It’s wonderful to meet you!”

02. The Founder

Nadya is a self-taught ceramist from Indonesia who began practicing in 2020. After graduating with a Bachelor of Design Degree from RMIT University, she found herself feeling lost about what to do next. In the midst of lockdown, she tried pottery, and it was love at first touch.

Like fate, Kamotaro was born as one of her early creations. Since then, she has become a full-time duck manufacturer. Her work also includes illustrations, merchandise, and she hopes to keep expanding into other mediums. She is committed to continually learn, grow, and expand ink.oasisnowflake, no matter where she is!

Her biggest goal yet: expanding Kamotaro’s legacy in Japan!

03. Kamotaro the Duck

A Pondside Beginning

Kamotaro, or “Kamo” for short was born and raised in a quaint pond in the countryside, surrounded by rolling hills and fields of crops. Though born in water, Kamo wasn't the best swimmer and preferred to waddle. To stay afloat, he used a cute little floaty but loved dunking his head in the water.

Tako Playmates

Kamo's favorite pastime was playing with the friendly tako (octopuses) that surfaced in the pond. He loved watching them swim and often tried to join in their games. One decided to stay by Kamo’s side constantly, and he named the Tako: Sir Blob.

Dreams Beyond the Pond

Despite his love for his pond, Kamo was always curious about the world beyond. He often daydreamed about grand adventures and exotic places. One day, filled with excitement and a touch of bravery, Kamo and Sir Blob decided to leave his pond and explore the world!

Round Fruit Fanatic

Kamo adored the round fruits that grew around his pond. When he ventured into the big city, he was shocked and scared by fruits of all shapes and sizes, missing his familiar round treats!

Kamo's Legacy

Kamo’s adventures made him even more curious and adventurous. He dreams of expanding his legacy and sharing his love for exploration with the world, one waddle at a time.

04. About Kamoverse

During his adventures, Kamotaro met 2 new dear friends!

Sora the Blue Crocodile

Sora was born in a secluded, dark swamp where sunlight rarely pierced through the thick canopy overhead. In the quiet of the night, Sora would gaze up in wonder, dreaming of the bright, star-filled skies on the opposite side of the world. Despite being shy and easily frightened by the eerie sounds of the swamp, Sora has a bright and vivid imagination. They spent hours quietly observing the night sky, imagining themselves exploring distant galaxies and uncovering the mysteries of the sky!

Sora became enamored with astronomy, dreaming of discovering the secrets hidden among the stars. This passion fueled a dream: to one day find the largest telescope in the world and master the art of stargazing.

While Sora is a quiet soul, they complemented Kamo well, listening to his adventurous tales. One day, the daydreamer Sora decided it was time to turn their dream into reality and join Kamotaro on his adventures, determined to find somewhere in the world the largest telescope ever built!

Akiko the Red Panda

Akiko or “Ako” for short was born in a cozy red panda community nestled in the mountains of China. As a young cub, she was full of energy and curiosity, always eager to explore and learn.When Ako was just a year old, she was separated from her family and ended up living in a tiny box, which made her scared of confined spaces.

She felt lonely and isolated, often wishing for a sibling or friend to play with. To cope with her sadness, Ako turned to exploring the world around her and developing a love little acorns as her companions.

As she grew older, Ako became independent and resilient, learning to rely on her own strength. She loved autumn leaves and acorns, preferring the warm colors of fall over the cold, wet snow and rain that made her fur soggy.

Adopted by the extroverted Kamo, Ako found it hard to talk to people but slowly opened up to close friends. Her journey with Kamotaro and Sora begins now!

In the whimsical Kamoverse, where curiosity fuels every journey, Kamotaro, the adventurous duck, leads his friends Akiko and Sora on daring escapades across realms. Together, they chase mysteries from enchanted forests to bustling cities, exploring with laughter and boundless imagination. Their journey brims with friendship, discovery, and a shared joy for the beauty of the world!


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