Charity Auction

Charity Auction

Around mid 2021, the pandemic was causing a lot of challenges everywhere. Some people are struggling to care for themselves, let alone their furry companions. They had to be left behind, which could not have been easy. I decided to host an International Charity Auction with one a kind Ceramic Pieces I made, characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons game which was widely popular during the pandemic.

100% of the proceeds were donated to 3 different animal shelters; Pet Camping Indonesia (which focused on their animal shelter rent and treating ill canines and felines), Animal Defenders Indonesia (to help build a new animal shelter), and Animal Hopes Shelter Indonesia (for daily necessities of the four-legged babies).



The main goal of this was to help lift the stress of the pandemic on these shelters who are providing care and homes for the pets in need, even if it’s just a little. But also, to raise awareness on adopting rescue dogs and cats, instead of purchasing one from a breeder. We have to be more aware of the many many pets out there in need of a home, and how we can help by adopting those already in need!


Animal Crossing characters belong to the rightful owners, fan made merchandise and not in collaboration with Nintendo itself.